forthcoming publication

The Pollen Path, Radioactive Cloud (2019)
a book of poetry
hand-bound, silkscreened cover
limited edition



marginal comets is an exercise in compos[t]ition.
a heap of trash. a mound of scraps. a pile of rubbish.
a shovel turning over the soil. a opossum sifting through the leaves. an earthworm wiggling. a potato vine growing from the apple of your eye. a squash blossom turned inside out. a squawking fish. a spillin moon. a tin can draped across a courtyard fence. muggledy peg muggledy peg, rigamarole malarkey.  




Alex Gregor is a writer, editor, and educator from Atlanta, Georgia currently living in Rome, Italy. He is one of the founding editors of OOMPH!, an international literary press that publishes contemporary poetry and short prose in translation, as well as the banjo player in the band, The Ship & The Swell. His poems and short stories have appeared both online and in print. His book of poetry, THE POLLEN PATH, will be published by Radioactive Cloud in 2019. You can follow him online at