an electronic arts magazine

Issue 1 | March 2019


A Note from the Curator

A poem from Italian-Colombian painter Giorgio Ermes Celin and a series of photos from Italian PhD student Riccardo Testolin, paired with a recipe, along with recommendations for reading, podcasts & film. A first of what I hope to be a series of many. Treat this dispatch as a Friday review, to be read on the way home from work or on the way out of town, on the way to the bar or in bed Saturday morning. A little drop in the bucket, a short verse read out loud on the tram, the blow of a horn in an alley, a bucket to send down into the well. -AG

by Giorgio Ermes Celin

Poetry in Translation

“On a gloomy day, / I lose my steps in a forest of blades. / I have eyes of marble, / I have hands of salt, / I have no more memories, / I’ve lost my way.”

by Riccardo Testolin


a playlist featuring music from Latin America & Spain

Food & Drinks

a recipe for Creole Blackened Chicken with Pimientos del Padrón, paired with Ribera del Duero, an Iberian red


recommendations from Sweden, Mexico, Italy, and the UK

recommendations from the US, Uruguay, and Argentina